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Industry Meet on 'eCommerce for Retail, Startups and MSMEs' on July 28, 2017 @ Hyd

                         The in association with MediaSouth.inis organizing a industry meet on 'eCommerce for Retail, Startups & MSMEs: New Trends, Opportunities & Challenges'
                         on July 28, 2017 at Jivati Organic, Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

                         The e-commerce is one of the biggest things that have taken the Indian business by storm. It is creating an entire new economy, which has a huge potential and is fundamentally -
                         changing the way businesses are done. It has advantages for both buyers as well as sellers and this win-win situation is at the core of its phenomenal rise.

                         The objective of this industry meet on 'Trends in e-Commerce: Opportunities and Challenges' is to bring more awareness about digital commerce methodology in Micro,
                         Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Retail Market and aspirant entrepreneurs.

                         The industry meet will bring clear awareness about how to get started e Commerce Business, e Commerce Trends and Demands, How can get tied up with e Commerce
                          Websites to sell our Products/Services, e Commerce and Logistics, Promotion and Branding of e Commerce, Get connected with Buyers and Sellers and many more topics etc.

                         The industry meet is more useful for small business organisations, SSI's, MSMEs, IT & Business students, Professional, e Commerce platforms, service provides, Institutions,
                         Hole-sellers, Retailers, Product manufacturers, Distributors and engineering and business graduates & aspirant entrepreneurs etc.

                         For more information please call on 733 755 6141 or e mail: