Events & Seminars:

                Seminar on "Solutions to STOP > Obesity: Causes, Assessment and Management"

                         The TradeHyd.Com (Hyderabadi b2b & b2c web portal) is organizing a one day Mega Exhibition on"Solutions to STOP >Obesity" & Seminar on "The Obesity: What caused it?
                         How can we Stop it" on December 20, 2015 at JS Krishna Murthy Hall and Banarsilal Exhibition Hall, Federation House, FTAPCCI, Red Hills, Hyderabad.

                         The objective of this Seminar and Exhibition is to bring the awareness about obesity in common people and awake about Obesity and Prevention methodology etc.

                         The paper presentations and key presentations is organizing at the seminar on "Obesity in Women", "Child Obesity", "Nutrition & Obesity", "Obesity in Office
                         goers & Business people", "Prevention methods for obesity", "Obesity and Treatments" etc.

                         The expo is showcasing health awareness guidelines and photo exhibition, healthy products, nutrition diet and medical treatment methodology for obesity etc.

                         Note: Registration is restricted for only one seminar. for more information pl call on 040-65699333. or contact by e