Events & Seminars:

                National Seminar on Vitamin D: Deficiency, Nutrition and Human Health Health is organizing a National Seminar on Vitamin D: Deficiency, Nutrition and Human Health on November 02, 2017 at FTAPCCI, Red Hills, Hyderabad.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, well known for its role in skeletal health. It may prevent many bone disorders, such as rickets and osteomalacia in children, in adult’s osteoporosis and osteopenia. Vitamin D deficiency is thought to be a widespread, global public health problem.

Vitamin D insufficiency is recognized as a “silent” disease worldwide and its prevalence seems equally pervasive among apparently healthy populations of both developed and developing countries.

Epidemiological studies have shown the association of chronic vitamin D insufficiency with several non-skeletal disorders like type 2 diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, non-specific myalgias, impaired muscle function and cancers.

Optimal vitamin D status during Infancy and childhood has the potential to maximize peak bone mass and reduce the risk for osteoporosis and non-skeletal disorders associated with vitamin D insufficiency in later life.

Though Vitamin D deficiency is a major medical problem among school aged-children and elderly throughout the world there is no consensus regarding definition of vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency. There is paucity of data regarding the prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency / deficiency from India.

Interested participants are requested to call on 7337556141 registration procedure. Very limited seats. We allow only 120 people to participate at seminar.