TradeHyd.Com Food & Hospitality Awards 2018 - Nominations

                The TradeHyd.Com Food Awards are majorly 3 Categories, such as Hotels, Food and Writings on Food.

                The TradeHyd.Com Food & Hospitality Awards are majorly 3 categories, such as Hotels, Food and Writings on Food.
                And there are few sub catogiries, which supports Micro to Large.

                1. Entries are inviting only from registered Hotels or Restaurants from Telangana, India.
                2. Only Indians are eligible to send Writings on Food or Books on Food.
                3. Food making Video sites in Telugu, or English websites owned by Telugu persons can apply.
                4. The Hotels must be in running business for a minimum two months.
                5. To accept Nominations for Awards - Google, Swiggy, Zomoto, FaceBook rating is mandatory.
                6. Attach the Hotel / Business Profile – in one A4 size Document.
                7. Each applicant are eligible to participate maximum of 3 categories only.
                8. The last Date for submission of Nominations are November 30, 2018 at 6.00 pm.
                9. Download the Nomination Form from below link.
                10. Fill the Nomination Application Form
                11. Attach one Passport size photograph of Promoter / Head of the Organisation
                12. Nomination to 'TradeHyd.Com Food & Hospitality Awards 2018' is Free.

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